About Us

South Florida Kiteboarding was founded in 2002 by Stefan Pantu with the purpose of safely instructing kiteboarding at the best spots with the most perfect conditions in beautiful South Florida.

Mel ‘KiteMermaid’ Mejia came to Florida to work as a manger and instructor for SFKB, and in 2014 the KiteMermaid took over the company becoming the first and only female kiteboarder with her own school in Florida.

After so many years of experience, South Florida Kiteboarding has successfully developed a kiteboarding program that allows students to learn much faster and easy using only the latest and best gear available in the market.

We share the sport with love, and our students become family.

Kiteboarding is our passion, and we want to make it yours!
Look at all the gear we have for sale on our online store, from brand new to used great condition gear at the best deals you'll find!

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply you with the right gear, suited to your personal style and preferences for the conditions of the locations you will be kiting.
We are a Cabrinha Dealer so we have the latest and best gear available! 
Since we are a school we also sell our slightly used, great condition gear at remarkable prices for those looking for a great deal! We do this to keep our gear new for safer, faster learning.
We ship anywhere in the USA and will try our best to arrange shipping to other nearby locations. For more information or personal assistance, give us a call at +1 305 834 0595.